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James Morrison

WordPress Developer


On this day, 1 year ago, my best friend passed away. He fought a short battle with kidney failure from which he was never going to be able to recover.

Rest in peace old friend, maybe one day we’ll meet again.

Major - 7th October 2002 to 11th April 2014

Major – 7th October 2002 to 11th April 2014

Shortcodes in Text Widgets

When you need to add a shortcode to a Text Widget, you may find that this appears literally rather than showing the shortcode content.

Fortunately you can do this easily by adding the do_shortcode function to the widgets by using a filter that you can hook into to do this. Continue Reading

Custom WordPress Loop

Adding a custom loop in order to load content from a different area of WordPress is fairly straight forward. For example, on a page you could load in some posts, another page or content from a Custom Post Type. You can do this inside another loop, or completely independently. To add a new loop, you need to create a new WP_Query.

Continue Reading