I’m James Morrison, a web developer, software engineer and technical architect. I’m also a husband and father, author and speaker. People often confuse me with a singer, golfer, football player and an Aussie jazz musician. I suppose it could be worse…

I’m a senior developer and technical lead working on projects of all sizes, but I particularly enjoy working on those that involve complex or specific functionality that requires technical coordination; or there’s an opportunity to get stuck into a technical challenge I haven’t faced before and learn something new.

I’ve been building clean, usable and functional websites for about 17 years, and now specialise in developing WordPress Themes & Plugins. I’m passionate about web and coding standards. My colleagues would say I have very high standards – my thinking is this: if you can’t do it properly, why do it at all?

I discovered WordPress after I started building my own Content Management System in Classic ASP. After spending 2 weeks in my free time getting a basic login system working, I quickly realised it would take me years to complete and though there must be an easier way.

I spend time getting to know WordPress, watching it evolve into a fully fledged Content Management System and eventually had self-taught myself enough to be able to build sites for myself, and later for clients.